The Character project is a large group illustration with individual components. Each character is designed with its own personality and style. A description accompanies each character illustration. When completed there are many marketing possibilities for their use. These are fun little Character studies in creating personalities. Let’s start by taking a look at the Vega Gang.

Cartooning, Character Design, Copywriting
Name: Odilon Vega and the Vega Gang.
Description: Leader of the Vega gang. No doubt about it, Odilon is a gangster of a different kind. He is a small Mexican lizard who is always paranoid. He has two pistols but really never shoots them. He calls them his insurance policies. At one point he almost sold insurance full time. Rumour is he only ever used a pistol one time and that was an extreme case of intimidation. Don’t cross him and you will be okay. His brother is also nuts but he puts up with him. Odilon is always trying to keep the family in line mostly because of his paranoid assumptions. He takes the craziest things and makes them a gangster issue for no real reason. It is pretty funny to see how they operated with Odilon Vega in charge. It can be funny to watch him get frustrated because his family doesn’t believe him. He will do anything to protect his woman Paloma Vega and the Vega family that make up the gang. He feels Paloma is too much of a girly girl but deep down knows he likes this part of her.
Name: Aldo
Career: Circus Ring Leader
Description: Nobody knows Aldo's true history. He currently is a Ring Leader in a small circus act. Some feel he is not normal for he lives in the circus world from years past. The years of the great big top.
Name: Dawn Chil-n-Chick
Description: A lovely chilln' chick who is into her hair. She spreads love, peace and joy everywhere with her magic finger. She is into curls, like the ones in her hair. Sometimes she is firm and tough in her attitude. Some say it is her red hair that adds fire to her personality. Overall she is nice and loves to stay hip and cool with her shades and love-spreading finger.
Name: Waitilanni  The Water Woman
Description: She is more a spirit than a person. She is mystical. She lives in a water world. This home is not like the one here on Earth. Her world is water, like an alternate dimension. She comes here through portals in our oceans. Some say one is the Bermuda triangle. She always wants to help and can be patient but fierce if recipients are thankless. She has a charismatic power over people and uses it to her advantage. It is hard not to fall madly in love with here. Many tails state Waitilanni created all the mermaids in ancient myths. Most refer to her as The Water Woman.
Name: Federico
Description: Federico the Chili. He is into the heat. He loves spicy food. Chili, burritos, and nachos are all at the top of his list. He is a mascot for a Chili food truck that tours the city where he lives. He loves the excitement at all the special events where they appear. He has an ability to create fire on the fly. He can use it to cook or just as an impressive show to promote the food truck. Federico is always open to a good party with good HOT HOT HOT food.
Name: Pan
Description: Pan is a sweet green man. Many call him the flower giver. He loves to hang out in a field full of flowers, pick one and give it to his muse Quintessa. When this happens good luck usually comes to the receiver. Pan is always smiling and some say they have never seen him frown. He believes frowning brings bad luck. "Smile forever" is Pan's motto.
Name: Quintessa
Description: Quintessa is a sweet green lady. She spends most of her time hanging out with Pan. She loves to receive flowers and this makes them a perfect match. They spend most of their days hanging out in fields full of beautiful great smelling flowers. She will bat her eyes at Pan, looking for his affection in return. Aawww, about sums it up.
Name: Lovell
Description: He is a clumsy angel with the gift of special guiding powers to help people. He is just not good at it. Just like regular people on Earth, where some are better at things than others, Lovell is the angel that is not so good at doing the right thing when needed. It is fun to watch as he bumbles around trying to help people in need. He does mean well and in the end usually, comes through for whomever. It is the getting there that's the most hilarious.
Name: Nittles
Description: Nittles is a dry desert rodent like a possum, prairie dog or even a rat. Nobody really knows what kind of rodent animal he is, but we do know he has a really large nose. He also supports this new maker movement. He loves to try and build things. He spends his time in the desert mail ordering parts and tinkering away. He finds the desert the perfect place to test his ideas and equipment. He is currently working on a rocket space helmet to help him fly around. His mishaps and misfortunes during his testing are comical to watch. He really is pretty smart but as all people know, innovation takes many mistakes. His rocket space helmet has great promise. Who knows, in the future, this may be how we all get to work in the morning.
Name: Paul
Description: When it comes to Paul, do not be quick to judge. Paul always finds himself in the oddest situations that make him look really guilty of  bad things. Usually, it is a big misunderstanding and it really is fun to see how these situations all play out to get him there in the first place. Some say he really is a crazy psycho because it is hard to see someone getting into these crazy misunderstandings over and over and over. Most believe he is just very unlucky and only trying to do the right thing.
Name: Xannon
Description: Xannon is a country bumpkin for sure. He does not understand, or even care about, new technology. He will fix your truck with good tried and true practices if you are stranded. He is kind of like a MacGyver as he can fix just about anything with parts just lying around. If you did give him new technology, he would probably figure it out by taking it apart. The thing is, he probably wouldn't want to bother. He would know how it works but probably claim it is not from this world. See Xannon has old school thinking but is really a genius. He claims to have seen and has regular dealings with alien space ships. They put these crazy crop circles in his field and he hates them for that. It does not damage the crops so he feels no harm done. He tries to live and farm with his family in a small farm house. "Keep life simple" he always says.
Name: Syrius
Description: Syrius is a Roman soldier. At least he thinks he is. Everyone else thinks he's a historical recreationist who has taken his hobby to the extreme level. He wears his armour all the time and only speaks in Latin. That's why no one knows for sure that he's a recreationist, and some think that he might actually be a Roman soldier. Those that think he's the real deal are in one of two camps: some hypothesize that he is somehow immortal, and the others think he fell through a rift in time. Either way, he's here now, marching around trying to find someone to talk to in Latin other than his friend Marcus whom he is always seen with.
Name: Marcus
Description: Marcus wears a toga and sandals all the time. Most people think he's a historical recreationist, but they can't ask him about it because he only speaks in Latin. Marcus may be a senator - he does have the look of a slightly older gentleman, with greying hair that's getting pretty thin on top. He's always hanging around with Syrius, a Roman soldier. Some people think that he somehow may have come through time to get here, and is the real deal, not a modern recreationist who has taken his hobby to the extreme.
Name: William
Description: William likes to dress up as a superhero. He has all kinds of things to help inspire him like typical alien abduction aliens, UFOs, Looney Tunes, Dread Pirate Roberts, Indiana Jones, spandex superheroes, Mac and more. His hobby is the suit. He spends his time cleaning and repairing it over and over. He will always try and make advancements to the costume.
Name:Zarina Model #0001 
Description: Zarina is very interesting. She is not like any regular women. She is very much like her four sisters (Model #0002, Model #0003, Model #0004 Model #0005). They are very similar and finish each others’ sentences in a really fun, but also creepy, way. One rumour is that Zarina and her sisters are genetic science experiments and were grown in a lab. Their twin-like appearance does give credit to this. Another theory is that they are all robots of a great underground science program Their repetitive nature and way they mimic one another does bring believability to this theory. They do appear life-like until they talk, because their personalities do seem kind of robotic, but so human it can fool from a distance. Zarina and her sisters are smart if left to themselves and not controlled by whatever mystery created them.
Name: Mazati
Description: This dude who resides somewhere south of the USA border is one laid back crazy. At first glance, he appears so casual and so relaxed. Really, his appearance is misleading. Mazati is in a constant state of analysis. He scans you, the room, and all its surroundings fast and with extreme detail and prejudice. If you're trouble, or not, he will have you analyzed and know if you are armed, including where each and every piece of equipment is kept on you. He doesn't want trouble. If you bring it he will bring it right back to you three-fold, and you will wish you had not had an evil attitude toward him. Mazati has a sordid past and this brings all kinds of vagrants to try and settle up with him. It is usually not within their desire to keep him alive in this forced settlement. Most of the time Mazati snickers at people's dumbfounded ideas and attitudes as they try and outsmart him.
Name: Bert
Description: A gaming nut bar Bert is always in his basement playing video games. His goggles are permanently affixed to his face for if he does go outside the sunlight hurts his eyes. The goggles are his way of protecting them. His social oddity makes him okay with the look of using gaming goggles for sun protection. Some think he may be the militaries untaped best asset for his hand-eye coordination… If only he would come out from his basement gaming dungeon he could be a military leader.
The final group shot after adding all the characters will be interesting indeed. There are lots of ways to market this project after it is completed. I have ideas for social family style game, party game, searching game. Also a large print and book design. Ideas keep coming to me on how to market this crazy group.

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